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Human Resource Manager

HR specilists is a professional dealing in the selection of suitable candidates for specific positions. It is sometimes referred to as a headhunter or a talent hunter. He is also responsible for trainings and human resources management. The key feature of a HR specialist is the ability to listen, to follow closely and to draw conclusions. Intuition is necessary in this profession, however, based on knowledge about the candidate's past. HR specialist should have mediation and negotiation skills.
Responsibilities. HR specilists mainly deal with recruitment. They analyze and select resumes and cover letters, conduct interviews, predisposition tests, etc. Headhunters focus on individual cases and recruit the best employees, offering them more attractive conditions than in the current place of employment.

Public Relations

Public relations is shaping the positive social relations of a given entity in its environment. The aim is, therefore, to ensure a good image and acceptance of the company's activities in relation to a specific person, group of people or company.

A Resume Vs. a CV - What is the Difference?

The Resume - a short document containing a maximum of 4 sections: personal and contact details, professional summary, professional experience, certificates. The goal the Resume is to stand out from many candidates.

The Curriculum Vitae it is a complete record of a professional career, education, professional achievements, knowledge of foreign languages, soft and hard skills, etc.

A Resume is a document used in the US and Australia. A Curriculum Vitae is used in Australia and the United Kingdom and other countries.