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We derive optimal and smart solutions for today’s challenges. We aren’t afraid to think outside beaten scheme!

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Our team consists of HR specialists and programmers. We implement solutions that will help start build your professional career.

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You're looking for good a job? Some valuable advice.

Look for a job in which you can steady career progression (you have the opportunity to acquire new skills). Think about the profession in which you will be able to advance and thus raise your social status. Do not be afraid of new challenges, sometimes you have to get out of your comfort zone.

Career is actually a kind of racing track, where we usually get along with our biggest enemy - our own weaknesses. But what will happen when we overcome adversities, own limitations, run out of race and we reach the finish line?
Effective work guarantees satisfaction, which is the best motivation for further action. Professionals therefore set new goals, build a plan to achieve them and overcome obstacles to their implementation.

Tips for making your professional Resume

Only 10 seconds. Do you know that the employer spends about 10 seconds reading a Resume? Remember that you are not the only candidate. Your a Resume is one of hundred Resumes. The employer will choose the best document.

  • Write a matched Resume for a profession, where you want to work.
  • Information about the candidate should occupy a maximum of one page.
  • In the document should find such information as contact details, summary and professional experience, this is to be the best advertisement of your candidacy.
  • Use with clear primary fonts — Calibri or Georgia or Helvetica or Arial are recommended. Use a legible font size of between 11 - 12 points.
  • If you are not a candidate for a job as a graphic designer or other artistic profession, it is not worth inventing a new form of your Resume.
  • If you send a Resume to an employer, always choose the PDF format.
  • Ask your sister or brother or mother to checking if you aren't maked mistakes in the document.
  • Use professional resume templates, you can find them on and more examples or use the resume builder (you can also find it under this site).
professional resume from coolfreecv

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